This is the first time I have Gina Gerson featured on my blog if I'm not mistaken. She is one of the few russian pornstars that have a consistent nickname. Good, that makes it easier for me to search down all of her stuff :) You can expect to see more of this hottie here in the future!


She gets her pussy licked for a short while and in return she have to give head for a long while. Then she alternates between riding his meat stick and getting pounded hard. I really liked those doggystyle shots, here ass looks really nice!


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I'm not used to see Anjelica without a cock in close proximity but it was nice to see her just do some posing for a change :) My only complaint is the lightning, which they don't seem to have any of. We already know how fresh and sexy her body is but it doesn't hurt to see her get naked over and over again. She also spreads her pussylips to spice things up a bit :)

















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Not only is the facial unwanted, it doesn't seem like she wanted to have sex with this guy at all! At least not to suck him, he had to shove her head down on his cock to get some action. He actually is nice enough to eat her pussy but only for a little while before he smashes it with his large meat stick. He pounds her and forces her to give head untill he blasts her face with warm white goo. Her facial expression is quite funny as he does this and she rushes into the bathroom to spit out what got into her mouth.






























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Categories: Couple
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