Stephanie has found herself a teen that are as ripe as herself. She invited her promptly back to her place to take a shower. She was in luck cause the other girl was bisexual as well and followed her home and to the bathroom where they both stripped naked and jumped into the shower together.


Here they soaped up each others firm bodies before Stephanie took charge and licked her new girlfriend passionately. She moaned of pleasure and gave her the same treatment in return. Licking is nice enough but they wanted to take it a little further so Stephanie brought out her bag of tricks, or should I say dildos ;)  Stephanie herself took a long dildo in her pussy before she stuffed the other chick in both holes with a smaller pink one.


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This skinny Russian girl is a slut, I can tell from the way she wear her thong, it's visible above her jeans. So that's a good thing cause I love Russian sluts! ;-)


They only made out for a little while before this bloke sensed he could pull his schlong out. He was right and received a reward immediately. She looks like she's been starving so it wasn't a surprise that she put his sausage in her mouth ;) He kept on feeding her, this time with dick in her pussy. She rode it and got fucked hard on the sofa, all in all they had a really good time together!


















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This is supposed to be an anal scene but we can't really see the dick go into her brown hole. Guess we just have to take their word for it ;) The girl was pretty fine though, I'll give them that.












Check the video, maybe you can see the anal there!

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