This gentleman gives his hot girlfriend cunilingus to get her wheels in motion. He knows from experience that this will result in getting a blowjob in return. After getting his shagger sucked he got her on top in reverse cowgirl position. He did her doggy and missionary before he jerked his cock franticly in front of her looking to shoot his load all over her flat stomach.



















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Hehe this chick was kinda almost chubby, but I found her to be sexy despite that. She enjoys to suck dick and has sex in a variety of positions in bed with this guy I've seen a few times ;)














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I know I post a lot of the same models over and over so this time I tried to dig up a hot chick that I haven't posted much of. There are a couple of sets with her further back on the blog though check them out here: A Wanker's Dream & Two Russian Teens Facialized.


This guy was very grabby on his girlfriend but she shot him down. He wanted sex and carried her into bed where he kept on trying to get her nude. He succeeded at last and got her to suck his large meat stick. He pounded her delicate pussy for a while before he moved onto a tighter hole. That felt so nice, he managed to fill up her anus with his mule cock. He didn't pull it out until the very end when he filled her ass with his semen.



























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