Another horny teen couple from Russia going at it on camera. As so many times before the scene ended with a cumshot, this time directed at the lady's ass.




















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This cutie got talked into a threesome by her two best friends. They were all pretty young and this was their first attempt at groupsex. It went pretty well, one guy got sucked while the other one hit the pussy.


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As the title suggests I have one more of these lined up to be posted shortly. If that's not a reason to bookmark then I don't know.


I've never seen a bad scene with this delicious teen gal and this was no exception. She was on her ipad (maybe surfing my site) when her boyfriend came over and wanted to get laid. She was there to please so she stripped down for him. Before she would do anything for him she wanted him to lick her twat though. It was no problem for him to eat that tasty pussy so he did and got a BJ in return. Then he penetrated her deep and jizzed all over her tight buttocks.

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Categories: Couple
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