Stephanie has found herself a teen that are as ripe as herself. She invited her promptly back to her place to take a shower. She was in luck cause the other girl was bisexual as well and followed her home and to the bathroom where they both stripped naked and jumped into the shower together.


Here they soaped up each others firm bodies before Stephanie took charge and licked her new girlfriend passionately. She moaned of pleasure and gave her the same treatment in return. Licking is nice enough but they wanted to take it a little further so Stephanie brought out her bag of tricks, or should I say dildos ;)  Stephanie herself took a long dildo in her pussy before she stuffed the other chick in both holes with a smaller pink one.


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Came across another russian teen pornstar today by the name of Sasha Rose. She is not new but I didn't know she had her own site until now. She is quite the kinky one too as you will notice in this update where she gets her pussy fisted by her girlfriend. After a closer look I realized the other girl was Little Caprice. Unfortunately she is Czech or else I would have posted a lot of her. Maybe my next blog project should be Czech girls, that way I can cover Nessa Devil as well :)


The girls get naked on the couch and Sasha warms up by fingering Little Caprice's butthole before she stuffs it with a dildo. When she saw how good that looked she decided to run it up her own ass afterwards. They were getting really naughty now so Sasha didn't stop Caprice when she decided to fist her pussy. I will post more of this young pornstar later, that's for sure!





















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This guy missed out on a lot of fun while sleeping! He was shitfaced and went to sleep in a bed during a party. A horny couple enters and jumps into the bed with him without him waking up. They start to kiss and soon enough they are having fullblown sex right in front of his nose. It gets "worse" too cause his girlfriend comes to look for him but when she sees this couple going at it she's tempted to join in. Before she gets to think further about it they pull her in and makes it a FFM threesome.


This guy is a stud so he has no problems feeding two babes with his schlong at once. They were both bisexual so he didn't have to do all the work of pleasuring them though, no, they were licking each other like maniacs while he took turns pounding their fresh vaginas. He squirted his load on their firm breasts and they left the room with the dude still asleep :D























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