Foxi was stripping down and showing off her delicious young body on the couch. Her boyfriend was lurking in the background but came out of the shadows after she had rubbed her pussy wet and started to fuck her ass with a toy. He knew he was in for a good afternoon when he saw that happen!


So it didn't take long before she reached for his crotch when he sat down next to her. First he just had to taste her yummy twat but after that his cock was all hers. She sucked it good then let him penetrate her first hole before he went on to bang her in the second one. He kept it going until he released a huge cumshot all over her chest!


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Foxy has a big black dildo buried in the back of her drawer and she only takes it out those few times she doesn't have a willing guy around. This was one of those days but it looked like she had a blast! She rubs her pussy then inserts her toy. You could clearly see she got wet during the penetration session!


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Angie came over to help Angel remove her cast. She didn't stop at that and took off her clothes as well! Soon enough they were both naked and enjoyed getting cunilingus from each other :)


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