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Emily is wearing sexy tight jeans and a top when chatting with her boyfriend at the kitchen table. Her outfit makes him horny so he gets both him and her undressed. His first action is to get her to blow his wiener which he succeeds at, then he lays her down on the table and licks her cunt.  It looks very inviting so he puts his rod in there and fucks her hard. She rides him in the chair before he once again fucks her on the table and leaves her pussy stained with jizz.

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Emily is a popular girl so it's not surprising to see her make out with two dudes on the couch. She has no problems pleasuring them at the same time so they all get naked and ready for action. When you're juggling two cocks the easiest way to handle it is to plug one in the pussy and one in the mouth. That's what she did too, and she kept it up untill the end where she sucked them both off awaiting some sweet loads of jizz.























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