Russian Teen Foursome


The guys sneak up on the sleeping babes. First they pull of the sheets then they pull off their clothes! Somehow they managed to talk them into sex, most girls I know would be furious over something like this! They all gathered on the little sofa and fucked in multiple positions.





























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A guy sneaked off to the bathroom with his horny blonde girlfriend. He was of course horny too and he got her to suck his throbbing boner before he pounded her from behind. The couple they left behind in the livingroom was feeling kinda frisky too so they started a sexual adventure of their own while their friends were mysteriously gone. Anjelica got her twat licked before she sucked cock and rode it like a cowgirl.


The sexual noises from the livingroom attracted the couple from the bathroom and they went to check it out. These four Russians weren't shy so soon enough they were having a fullblown foursome on the little couch! A whole lot of fucking went on and the blonde girl even took a double penetration! When the guys were about to blast the girls laid down and awaited their tasty loads of cum.

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These couple of guys have some nice girlfriends. They have played around with the idea of fucking them together for a long while and this was the day they made that happen! One of the guys took the lead by getting his GF naked and pound her with her g-string on. That was blondie's cue to start sucking some dick. They were all engaged in sexual actions on the same little couch now. They drilled their girlies in many position and synchronized their cumshots onto their faces! They didn't get mad but rather happy to receive a big load of jizz each :)

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Categories: Groupsex
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