These two teens will make you drool! Kinda like how they drooled jizz at the end.. ;)


These girls are so tight and firm that their boyfriends have been wanting to exchange them for a while now.. They didn't like the thought of fucking another guy in private but during a foursome was okay in their minds. So they had a little lunch where they discussed the details before it was off to the livingroom where they got naked in a hurry. Seeing these fabulous bodies at once made the guys get instant boners. The chicks put them willingly in their mouth. The girls made out and seemed to be game for everything which resulted in a lot of nice sexual positions and both guys got to have sex with both girls. In the end the sluts got down on their knees and took a huge facial each. They couldn't help but smile and I'm sure they would repeat this groupsex soon!

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While researching for this scene I discovered that Summer Breeze is Russian as well so I will have to get some more stuff of her up on my site! She was a real hottie and enjoy both guys and girls so she's definitively a keeper. This episode's name is Bangin Summer Breeze btw.


The girls show of their tight bodies and fabulous asses before a couple of horndogs show up. They are really lucky cause these babes are very willing when it comes to sex. They suck their dicks like you wouldn't believe it and their tight holes are open and ready for action. A wild foursome unfolded on the couch and these guys truly had a blast.

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This blonde bombshell was just relaxing on the sofa with a magazine when her boyfriend and a friend couple sat down next to her. Still it was possible to relax but very soon things were about to change. The other chick startet to make out with her boyfriend and flash her boobs. Really crazy when you think about it! Then she got his wiener out in the open and started to suck on it in front of their friends. It was kinda hard not to react to this but the blonde chick just sat there.
When the other girl started to suck on HER boyfriend's dick she had to step in though, and sucked it herself.


The guys were sitting back enjoying their blowjobs before they did some synchronized doggystyle. After that they tried out a bunch of positions while their girlfriends exchanged lesbian kisses. A really hot episode and those tits were spectacular to say the least!























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