These two girls were having some fun on their own when the boyfriend of one of them walked in. He was shocked to see them together in this way as he had no idea they were bisexual.


When they opened his fly and pulled out his big black dick he had no intentions of stopping them and it was a good thing he didn't cause what followed was the best thing that ever happened to him. Check them out sucking him off from every angle imaginable below!


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Amelia gets out of her tight zebra striped dress and reveals a sexy g-string. She shows off that smashing ass of hers before she strips down completely nude. Her black masseur gets her oiled up before he massages all of her lady parts.


He produces a large dick which she instantly puts in her mouth. After that he pounds her tight vagina hard and long on the massage bench. Guess this client got more than she bargained for!

















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Pretty nice ass on this girl, huh? It looks awsome in her tiny shorts and even better in that pink g-string. It has a nice size but is still firm, just how it's supposed to be :)


I guess this guy liked her body as much as I do, after some massaging he took his chances pulling his black dick out and luckily for him she stuffed it in her mouth and gave him a BJ on the massage bench. He pounded her tight little pussy too before she got back to sucking his rod awaiting his cumblast.
















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