Been a while since I posted this babe, it's always nice to see her get shagged! This time she and her man of the day is in the bath room. He was going to take a shower but got a chubby one as he saw Lukava in her white underwear. She is a good girl so she put his dick in her mouth and gave him a sweet bj. After that she rode his dick on the tub and toilet which didn't look very comfortable. What wouldn't you do for a ripe pussy like that though!

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Talked into Sex


This young blondie wasn't up for sex this evening but a little massage from her boyfriend was all it took to get her engine started. They make out a little then he gets her to suck on his hard rod. She kinda wanted to end it there but he talks her into some fucking. She rides his boner  and sucks it some more before she tries to get out of this mess once again. He reels her in and gets to finish her off with some doggystyle drilling. When you have a pussy like this at hand it's important to never let go!































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Okay so I kinda found out this girl's name.. Well she has a lot of names, usually just given to her by the site. But one of them is Lukava and that's the one I'm gonna use just so it would be easier to index her.


Time for another geeky guy to get a shot at this fine young babe. He gets her naked in the small couch they're sitting on and moves down to her pussy and licks it for good measure. This earned him some credits he used on a blowjob. A fine blowjob indeed. Then he proceded to bang her from behind, a position often referred to as doggystyle. He got tired so he placed her on top of his stick and she rode it like a wild cowgirl.





















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