This horny teen put all of her body openings to good use on this fine morning. Her boyfriend and his best friend teamed up to give her the sexual enjoyment of her life. She started by jerking them off before she put one stick in her mouth and the other one in her snatch.


She pleasured them like this for a while before they decided to give her a double penetration. She was all game and enjoyed it to the fullest. At the end she got rewarded with both a facial and a creampie, not often you see that!


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The more cocks the merrier is Gina's slogan. Well, it probably isn't, but there's no doubt she's hungry for more than one cock at a time! These two blokes had fun with her pussy and mouth until they couldn't last longer and jizzed all over her fine body.


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Not sure how I would have felt if I was this dude. Getting a nice blowjob from a hot piece of woman then his friend interrupts them and joins in on the action! Looks like they managed to share her just fine though. While she sucked one cock she stuffed the other one in her vagina. At the end she got rewarded with some tasty jism.

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Categories: Threesome
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