Nessa looks pretty cute in her every-day-clothes but her boyfriend is more eager to see her nude so gets her undressed in a jiffy. She is a kind girl so she offers to blow him to get his penis started. When it's grown large and stiff she gets on top of if and rides it while he enjoys his nice view. All good things must end so after some pounding he pulls out of her and spreads his semen all over her flat belly.

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Nessa and her BF was struggling with money for rent this month but they had a secret weapon; Nessa's body was the finest in the district and many guys (and girls!) would pay to hit that. They placed an ad on a dodgy website and got a lot of replies. They only needed one customer though and they answered some random dude.


He came over the next night and was pleased with the meat he saw there. He ripped off her dress while her boyfriend was watching and he made her suck his throbbing wiener. He pounded her in missionary position and she rode his dick untill he jizzed all over her flat belly. The only thing remaining to do then was to hand over some cold hard cash!

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Once again Nessa gets drilled in her tight little butthole. Click here to see some of her videos! She takes off her top then gives head. She thought she could get away with only giving a blowjob but no! Her boyfriend wanted to slam his dick into her brown hole so he pulled down her tight jeans and gave her anus some nice treatment. Scroll down to see some premium anal action with the lovely Nessa Shine;























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