I like when these russian teenies go on the big sites, then they get a pornstar name assigned to them. A lot of the times they don't keep it but it gives me a way to tag them so you can find them all with one mouseclick :)


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This is from the episode Heels Only. Mike is a clever bastard. He rents out a bunch of apartments downtown and a lot of them goes to hot young girls that are not always able to pay the rent. He has found a solution to this that suits both parties well. If he can have sex with them he'll let them skip a months payment on the rent. You'd be amazed how many fine babes that go for this solution! Nessa was just one of the many that got fucked in Mikes Apartment.


There is a lot of hot pictures of Nessa before the scene commences so I was sure to add a handful of those. Her ass looks just genious in that tiny black g-string. Mike will soon find out when he comes to pick up the rent. Nessa can't pay so they make a deal. He gets her on his lap and starts licking her breasts before he gives her twat the same treatment. Then he removed all of her clothes and boinked her right in the kitchen. After all it was his apartment so he could do whatever the hell he wanted! And best of all, she had to clean up the sweat and jizz afterwards!










































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This young babe got fucked in the ass by the guy who was supposed to help her out with her homework! Instead of doing what he came for he was more busy eating potato chips and seducing her. It worked out well for this young stud, cause after feeding her with crips he got to feed her with cock. She swallowed it like a sausage and pulled down her panties so he could ram it with his stone hard penis. He wasn't satisfied with just pussy, although hers were flawless, so he moved it to her secondary hole and gave it a good pounding.























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Vera gets up on the massage table in nothing but a skimpy pink thong and a towel to cover her ass. She gets oiled up and convinced to remove her underpants. Some more massage to follow before the creepy masseur pulls out his wiener and makes her suck on it. He is satisfied with her oral skills and procedes with fucking her hard from behind. Btw these pictures are screencaps so everything you see happens in the actual video!
























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