These two guys were fixing a car but was stuck so they called on Susan to help them out. When they saw her sexy outfit they forgot all about the broken car though.


They started to feel her up and she let them do it. That's why they didn't hesitate to take off her clothes and touch her pussy. It was already wet so there was no question about their next move; pulling out their boners! She took turns sucking them before she realized it was more time efficient to take them in a hole each. She kept it up like that until they glazed her face with warm white jism.


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Pretty nice ass on this girl, huh? It looks awsome in her tiny shorts and even better in that pink g-string. It has a nice size but is still firm, just how it's supposed to be :)


I guess this guy liked her body as much as I do, after some massaging he took his chances pulling his black dick out and luckily for him she stuffed it in her mouth and gave him a BJ on the massage bench. He pounded her tight little pussy too before she got back to sucking his rod awaiting his cumblast.
















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Here is a brand new Russian cutie for ya'll! She's dressed for success and fucks like champion!



























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