While researching for this scene I discovered that Summer Breeze is Russian as well so I will have to get some more stuff of her up on my site! She was a real hottie and enjoy both guys and girls so she's definitively a keeper. This episode's name is Bangin Summer Breeze btw.


The girls show of their tight bodies and fabulous asses before a couple of horndogs show up. They are really lucky cause these babes are very willing when it comes to sex. They suck their dicks like you wouldn't believe it and their tight holes are open and ready for action. A wild foursome unfolded on the couch and these guys truly had a blast.

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Stephanie does anal in almost every scene, gotta love it! She already looked young but in that schoolgirl uniform she looks even younger.


This bald dude got so horny when he saw Stephanie in her uniform and couldn't keep his hands to himself. He pulled up her skirt and kissed her tight rump. She's a sex animal so she responded by pulling his penis out and gave it a nice suck. Then he drilled her pussy hard for a long while before he conquered her anus!



























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Not only is the facial unwanted, it doesn't seem like she wanted to have sex with this guy at all! At least not to suck him, he had to shove her head down on his cock to get some action. He actually is nice enough to eat her pussy but only for a little while before he smashes it with his large meat stick. He pounds her and forces her to give head untill he blasts her face with warm white goo. Her facial expression is quite funny as he does this and she rushes into the bathroom to spit out what got into her mouth.






























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