Stephanie has found herself a teen that are as ripe as herself. She invited her promptly back to her place to take a shower. She was in luck cause the other girl was bisexual as well and followed her home and to the bathroom where they both stripped naked and jumped into the shower together.


Here they soaped up each others firm bodies before Stephanie took charge and licked her new girlfriend passionately. She moaned of pleasure and gave her the same treatment in return. Licking is nice enough but they wanted to take it a little further so Stephanie brought out her bag of tricks, or should I say dildos ;)  Stephanie herself took a long dildo in her pussy before she stuffed the other chick in both holes with a smaller pink one.


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Petite cutie Stephanie strips down to show her fine body in the bathroom. She forgot to use the toilet before the shoot but since they are taking pics in the bathroom she gets an idea. She lifts up the toilet seat and squats over so we can see her gushing ray of pee. A towel becomes the solution for wiping her pussy clean afterwards so she won't get her toy wet. I'm talking about the huge vibrator she had laying around that she now was gonna use to pleasure herself with!
































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Stephanie is so freaking kinky, I just love it! First she gets a rimjob then she sucks cock before she gets both of her tight holes stuffed by a large sausage. I wonder how many dicks she's taken up her arse over the time, must have been a LOT! My mission is to hunt down every scene she's been in and post it here, I can't get enough of this tiny hottie. So stay tuned for more Stephanie porn!























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