Russian hottie in a top and skirt shuts the door behind her in the massage room so she can undress in private. When pulling down her skirt a juicy and tight butt comes to show in a sexy yellow thong. It's the best ass I've seen in a while so I made sure to upload tons of pictures. Just don't go and waste your cumshot already cause a lot of nice hardcore shots are to follow.


The masseur removes her towel which makes her object for a little but she doesn't really care and just let him go about with his business. He massages her butt and she allows him to it, even when he pulls down her g-string she is fine with it! He knows he's hit the jackpot now so he massages her front and moves down to her pussy and gives her a good rub. She responds well to this so he lets his dick get some fresh air and she sucks it! From there on out it's just routine for this massage sleazeball and he keeps fucking her in various positions.

































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