Great scene with two of Russia's finest pornstars. First they engage in some lesbian action before they invite two guys to join in on the fun. These dudes were really horny and banged them in every hole and sprayed their faces full of semen!

















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Make no mistake, this is the same girl that figures as Angel C on my blog. Just thought it was more convenient to use her scene name so it will be searchable :)


Foxi is a spy and has been captured by the enemy. She is held captive in a cell and her interrogation officer is trying to shake the secrets out of her. It's not often they catch spy's as hot as this though so he was more interested in getting her naked than trying to get any info out of her. He did get her to remove her clothes and indeed they had sex.


You must also forgive me that these pictures are a little out of order, I caught it too late :-/

See Her Do ANAL In The Full Scene!

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In Russia there's a big market for lending out your girlfriend for cash. Big money change hands every week and we're gonna look at just one of these couples that chose this line of work.


The stranger gets help undressing this skinny beauty. Her ass looks marvelous in that black g-string, I must say. After that she's all his and he gets a blowjob first before he pounds her like he's never seen pussy before.


Categories: Couple
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