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Hmm I guess I had forgotten about this girl, she is ALSO one of my favorites :) She is a really kinky one too, I knew she loved anal sex but I've never seen her in an episode like this! She gets tied up and buttfucked harder than hell, she squirts and gets fucked with a variety of sex toys. She goes by the name of Stephanie on a few sites so I'll guess I'll tag her as that for your convenience. These are screengrabs btw so what you see is exactly what the video is like! Btw when I have you here, be sure to check out this site for lots of nice teen galleries!


This scene starts out so calm and nice for Stephanie. She has no idea what's in store for her! She sits in a chair reading a book when her boyfriend come over. He kisses and undresses her then takes his time eating her pussy. She thinks this is her lucky day! The luck is about to change though, he places a gag ball in her mouth and Duct tapes her to the table (and later to the floor!)!


He uses a vibrator on her pussy and fingers her, he knows exactly what he must do to get her to squirt. A wet camera is proof that he made it happen! He continues to treat her rough by shoving his fat dick into her tiny butthole. He also makes sure to stuff some dildos in there while he's at it. Then he attaches her to the floor to make sure she won't dodge his tasty load of cum.





























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