Remember this couple? Well now the geeky white dude won't get to keep his babe for himself anymore! She wanted change in the sex life so she brought in an extra cock without consulting him. He just had to go with it, after all she was in charge in this relationship. The other dude showed up when they were in bed and just jumped in on the action. She made sure to pleasure them both equally though, one dick in her pussy and one dick in her mouth. They switch positions and keeps going till they all reach the point of an orgasm.




















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Jizz on her Ass


This chick right here is my favorite russian pornstar. She is beautiful and has a smashing body; big natural tits, a smoking hot ass and a lickable cunt. My only problem is that she doesn't have a pornstar name! I've seen her go under a few different names but I will tag her as Anjelica since that's her name at Teen Mega World. That way you can find all of her updates in one click :)


Now for the scene.. Anjelica goes to sleep in bed but a beauty like this cant rest in peace! Once she is out a horndog approaches her and feels her up. He pull down her panties and slips two fingers into her shaved twat. She wakes up just to find him with a huge dildo in her hands! And surely enough he inserted it into her. She liked it so much that she paid him back with a delicious blowjob before she rode his stiff wiener. He pounded her with his large dong and blasted his cum all over her ass and back. This is just one of many scenes I have in store for you with this hottie so be sure to bookmark!


























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