I know, I know. Here name isn't really Ashley. But that's what she's called on the site so I use it as well in case people search for this particular scene :)


This is the second scene I've posted of this chick where she has the new fake hooters. They still look good in my mind. They don't waste any time on foreplay here but rather leap right into action. It starts out with a blowjob as most porn movies do before it continues with various shag positions and end with a shot to the face. I must say I really liked this cumshot, how the jizz drips from her mouth and down to her huge boobs. Don't be afraid to use the comment field to tell me your opinion!
















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I just love this kinky slut. Taking a big cock in the ass then the next second she sucks it clean! If you like her too you should bookmark now cause I have MANY sets of her lined up ready to go online! Who knows what she will do next…






















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Here's yet another scene with the lovely Anjelica! She's been busy and has a lot of porn scenes under her belt, luckily for us! In this one she gets boinked in the butt and takes a huge cumload to her face!


Anjelica is chilling in her bed reading a book. Actually she is just waiting for a bloke to come and bang her brains out. He shows up and heads straight for her pussy using his tongue like a hurricane down there. Then he gets head and enjoys pounding her pussy before he gets what he came for; her sacred butthole! Anjelica takes it ass to mouth, no problem. Then he blasts her face and mouth with a huge load! Looks like it tasted good!








































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