Gina caught her boyfriend getting his schlong sucked by her stepmom in the kitchen. She was shocked at first but somehow they convinced her to join in on the action making it a FFM threesome.


They got down on their knees in front of him and sucked his long penis before he tapped both of their wet pussies. I bet he had the time of his life!


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Gina showed off her sexy skinny body by the lake and stripped off her red bikini. Then she went home to do some more posing and she also got out one of her large toys. She fucked it for a while before she dediced to taste the real thing.


She had two horny guys just waiting to bang her brains out so she got down on her knees between them and sucked their large penises. They gave her a double penetration and she handled it a like a champion!


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Gina was getting a massage but it soon led to something else. After rubbing her back he removed her sheets and gave her cunilingus. She responded with a moan so there was no reason for him not to pull out his boner.


He was anticipating a blowjob but to his surprise he got a footjob! She sucked his schlong right after that though and also let him penetrate her moist vagina on the massage bench.


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