Now look at this lucky bastard! He scored two of the hottest chicks in Russian porn at the same time! They obey every command he has and he first get them to suck his wiener together. They do such an excellent job but he wants to tap their ripe snatches as well so he penetrates Irina first, then Sasha. He keeps alternating between the two babes while they lick each other. At the end he squirted his semen all over their firm teen breasts.

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Sasha got a couple of mates to help her out redecorate her apartment. She had promised them sex in return so they weren't hard to ask. Midway through the session they wanted to cash in on her offer though, and at the same time! She had pictured doing them one by one but this option worked for her as well.


So she sucked both of their dicks at once then let them fill up a hole of their choice each on the floor. I hope for her sake they didn't lose the motivation to finish up the paintjob after they had squirted on her ;)
































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I came up with that title myself ;)


It's of course Sasha Rose we're talking about here, and today she enjoys sex in a bath tub with a skinny dude. It doesn't look too comfy but they make it work. He gets his dick sucked at first while standing up then he licks her snatch for a brief period. They try out a few positions while the shower head keeps pumping out water. At the end it's his head that is pumping out fluid though ;)



























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